Many people are online 24/7 – increasingly using mobile devices. Almost one out of two Germans uses a smartphone. People want to use the internet for things they used to go to stores, agencies or offices for – wherever they are. Offering your products and services online has become key to economic success – a challenge for products based on personal communication and individual advisory services.

A challenge that can be met, however, with innovative solutions that offer the same high quality and personalised service online and face-to-face, while guaranteeing data security. The modern internet community is a demanding, sophisticated clientele – one that wants service and support through all channels. If you can fulfil those demands, you will stand a good chance of attracting new target groups and opening new distribution channels. What could new, holistic models of customer service look like?


The smart way to provide services

Sparkasse Nürnberg provides state-of-the-art services in line with their customers’ needs: private customer advisors at the ‘virtual branch’ can be contacted by telephone, e-mail, text message, or video chat. The Savings Banks in Cologne, Munich and Frankfurt / Main have also already rolled out this innovative way of giving advice.

The digital age has made customers’ needs more diverse. Many people are always online; they want to be able to reach their Savings Bank at any time, to retrieve product information via their smartphone – but at the same time, they require the same level of personal and competent advice that they would receive at a local branch. This is now available as a supplement to the branch-based service – virtually any time and anywhere, provided they have access to the internet.

The offer will be gradually expanded: soon, it will be possible to access banking services via messaging services or social networks. And soon, advisory sessions via videolink or chat will also be supported on smartphones or tablets.

Savings Banks use a proprietary technical platform for online advice, securing the confidentiality of customer data.


The Laros family already use the mobile services provided by Sparkasse Nürnberg.