Our reporting structure

The Savings Banks are committed to their duty to society, as financial services providers with an obligation to the common good. As banks with municipal roots, they assume a responsible role in solving complex challenges for the future, as visible drivers and reliable partners. For us, sustainable management and action are not just theory – they are the very core of our business model.

Guiding principles on sustainability

Our guiding principles are the result of intensive dialogue. The four guiding principles lay down the framework for the Savings Banks’ policies, the products they offer, and for the initiatives they develop in order to fulfil their social responsibility. This triangle comprises Savings Banks’ commitment to citizens and the region, their stakeholder engagement, and their fulfilment of sustain­ability targets.

  1. We are committed to our public mission and to serving society as a whole.
  2. We reduce complexity in banking and put it into the service of the people and the economy.
  3. We are committed to doing our business in a resource­efficient way.
  4. We aim at enhancing sustainable prosperity and better quality of life for everybody.

These guiding principles define our understanding of sustainability: through our actions, we aim to contribute to the reduction of the ecological footprint and to the enhancement of the quality of life for everyone, in order to preserve the foundations of our lives and those of future generations.

Committed to sustainable development

Savings Banks act to strengthen their business location; they exercise their influence to preserve a family-friendly environment with affordable housing, good education, unspoiled natural surroundings, future­oriented energy supply, attractive leisure activities, and the coexistence of generations. In our view, these are the cornerstones for sustainable development.

Well­founded sustainability reporting contributes to the transparency of these services for lasting development and ensures the transparency of the sustainability en­shrined in the Savings Banks.

A tailor-made set of indicators for the Savings Banks

She reporting system of the Savings Banks relates to the German Sustainability Code (Deutscher Nachhaltig­keitskodex – DNK) as well as to the GRI Financial Services Sector Disclosures (GRI FS) developed by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) established in 1997. This also includes a qualified reporting on the fulfilment of Savings Banks’ duty to the public, their orientation towards the common good, and the special sustainability aspects of their business strategy.

The German Federal Government’s Council for Sustainable Development has officially approved this reporting system as a basis for a Declaration of Compliance with the German Sustainability Code.

Gradual expansion of the reporting scope

The German Savings Banks Finance Group has published its third "Report to Society" at a Federal level. At present, aggre­gated figures at federal level are not yet available for all indicators. We will, however, gradually expand the scope of the reporting system over the next few years, in line with the defined indicators.

Guiding principle No. 1

We are committed to our duty to the general public, and to society as a whole.

Our commitments

  • We pursue a long-term, responsible and risk-aware business policy.

  • We provide access to modern financial services – to people, regional businesses and municipalities.

  • We support people in making their own provisions and promote their participation in developing prosperity.

  • We promote competition, to the benefit of consumers in the region.

  • We provide a reliable contribution to the positive development of the community.

Guiding principle No. 2

We reduce complexity in banking and put it into the service of the people and the economy.

Our commitments

  • We give priority to public well-being instead of short-term return targets.

  • We aim to satisfy our clients’ needs.

  • We assume responsibility for the quality of our work.

  • We offer our employees a long-term career path.

  • We play fair, and respect the rules.

Guiding principle No. 3

We are committed to doing our business in a resource-efficient way.

Our commitments

  • We are improving our ecological footprint.

  • We promote the improvement of environmental protection and the efficient use of energy and resources to our customers.

  • We support the decentralised generation of renewable energy sources.

  • We promote the protection of nature and biodiversity.

Guiding principle No. 4

We aim at enhancing sustainable prosperity and better quality of life for everybody.

Our commitments

  • We commit ourselves to the principle of sustainability.

  • We provide impulses for a culture of sustainability.

  • We promote quality of life that is available to all locally.

  • We emphasise a decentralised approach as a key principle for shaping the future.