Safeguarding of resources

One cannot save the world alone. But everyone can try and treat the environment with (more) respect – every day. More and more companies and municipalities are recognising the signs of the times, and assuming responsibility. The potential to safeguard and at the same time shape the environment for future generations is tremendous.

Energy-efficient life starts at home and yields measurable results in companies. Once a resource-efficient mindset has been anchored with staff, it often gains momentum – and employees are motivated enough to become active for the common goal. Safeguarding of resources has nothing to do with a poorer quality of life, nor does it require making sacrifices. Quite the opposite. How can we start living a more resource-efficient life today?


Sustainability as a way of life

The concept of sustainability is not confined to the consistent preservation of resources; it also encompasses the aspects of the economy and social responsibility. Sparkasse Saarbrücken – the Saarbrücken Savings Bank – has consistently expanded its strategic focus to incorporate the aspect of sustainability, implementing it into its corporate structure. For this purpose, the biggest Savings Bank in the Saarland region established the position of a full-time environmental officer. As the first bank in the Saarland, it also had its Neumarkt main branch certified in accordance with the EMAS directive.

EMAS is short for the “Eco-Management and Audit Scheme”. Introduced by the European Parliament in 1993, it is the most systematic procedure in the area of in-house environmental protection.

Across Germany, only eleven financial services providers have this official EU seal of approval. Environmental management in line with the highest European standards means systematically improving in-house environmental protection measures, as well as reducing the company’s environmental footprint – voluntarily, within the company’s own responsibility and on a continuous basis.

An expert for sustainability: Sven Hüther, Sparkasse Saarbrücken’s Environmental Management Officer.