The way we act

Sustainable development combines economic progress with social justice and environmental protection. The Savings Banks Finance Group is committed to this principle. To this end, it has conceived an overarching, strategic concept of sustainability. The guiding principles concerning sustainability are a key element of this concept: providing a framework for our sustainability reporting.


With the “Report to Society”, the Savings Banks create visibility in how they con­ tribute to sustainable development in the regions with their policies, their products and their initiatives – fulfilling their duty to the public. 

Our values, mission-statement, principles, standards and norms, strategies, goals and targets and specific action to improve sustainable development – and how these are implemented by Savings Banks.

The “Policies” indicators reflect the values and principles according to which the Savings Banks dedicate their business policy to serving people and promoting sustainable future develop­ment for their region.

All products and services that have an impact on sustainable development.

The “Products” indicators reflect the products and services provided by the Savings Banks to safeguard the financial welfare and standards of living for a broad cross­section of the popu­lation.

Social activities and initiatives with an impact on sustainable development.

The “Initiatives” indicators outline all Savings Banks initiatives dedicated to promoting the preservation of natural resources, the future development of society, and the quality of life in the region.

Recognized by the German Council for Sustainable Development as a basis for issuing a declaration of conformity towards the Sustainability Code